Created for an Editing contest by This Guy Edits on youtube.

A Virtual Tour to through My imagination:

There is no limit to our imagination and it can create something unattainable in real life very easily. These days when lockdown made it difficult to go out to witness something new I took help from my imagination to come up with this video of all my favorite places. Beaches and Majestic Mountains full of Snow are always on my wish-list to visit at-least once in my lifetime. But it does not seem very soon or easy, so I created this video just to have a feel to be overlooking those waves hitting the beaches or those Mountain range covered with snow or having my house just beside a lake amid all the snow and yes that Orange car under the snow fall. 

Created this video using only stock footages and music from youtube audio library. 

A Virtual Tour to South Korea

South Korea - Country that I want to visit at least once in my lifetime. And that seems like a distant dream so utilized this time to create this tiny video dedicated to my favorite place, so that I can at least enjoy watching this again and again till I get a chance to visit it in real.

The Tree

What Natures deserves is Compassion and Empathy from us.. so created this video to emphasize on that message.

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